Notable Cases

  • Duffy v. Reeves619 A.2d 1094 (R.I. 1993) - RI Supreme Court upheld trial justice’s ruling that “emerging” juridiction existed to approve father’s petition to retain minor child, a resident of the state of New York,  to Rhode Island. 

  • Gorman v. Gorman, 883 A.2d 732 (R.I. 2005) RI Supreme Court decides that Family Court trial justice’s have ultimate say in determining whether or not a property settlement agreement between divorcing parties equitably divides both marital assets and debts. 

  • O’Neill v. O’Neill, K06-433 (2006) Family Court trial justice ruled in favor of mother’s petition to allow her – then remarried to a military serviceman – to relocate with her minor child to a U.S. military installation in Germany.

  • McDonough v. McDonough, 962 A.2d 47 (R.I. 2009) – Family Court trial justice’s decision to permit mother to relocate with minor children upheld by RI Supreme Court.

  • Estate of Mitchell v. Gorman, 970 A.2d 1 (R.I. 2009) – Family Court ruling to dismiss defendant’s appeal and to award attorney’s fees upheld by the RI Supreme Court.